Welcome to the Toronto Chapter of the CIO Association of Canada.  Toronto is Canada’s largest city; the Toronto Chapter is striving to create the country’s most vibrant local CIO community and a strong voice of CIOs in Canada.  There is no other CIO Association like ours in Canada.

The CIO Association of Canada is entirely led and supported by the Canadian CIO community.  We’ve created a safe environment for CIOs to openly share and support one another without concern for underlying vendor-driven agendas.   We are a not-for-profit professional association: our primary objective is to meet the needs of our membership through our events and activities, not to make profit for anyone else. 

The Toronto Chapter is focused on bringing CIOs together to create opportunities to connect with one another, share and work through common issues, consolidate the voice of the CIO, create professional development opportunities and help CIOs build the kind of relationships that can only be formed with a peer.   Many of us, including board members, are involved in projects aimed at advancing the CIO agenda: building awareness of the CIO as business strategist; developing the next generation of IT leaders; developing partnerships with other agencies that can help advance our cause.

While the local CIO community is key for building personal relationships, the Toronto Chapter is one of 6 chapters across Canada and provides our members with the ability to connect with other CIOs that share similar industry challenges or areas of interest.  In concert with other Chapters, we do research and publish on issues relevant to CIOs, we’ve developed an e-mentoring program for management-track women in IT, and we host live and web-based seminars to share best practices. We can also tap directly into the expertise of CIOs across the country via our on-line member directory and our members-only LinkedIn group. The value that we take back to our organizations, and the satisfaction that we receive from our efforts is considerable. Our agenda is driven by what we hear from our members.
I encourage every CIO to become an active part of the CIO Association of Canada.  Current members openly share that the greatest value comes from the network of contacts, colleagues and friendships that result from participating in CIO Association of Canada activities.

Regardless of whether you are a longstanding CIO Association member, or a CIO new to the association who wants to see what it’s all about, I look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events.

Steve Heck
Toronto Chapter President
CIO Association Board of Directors 
CIO Microsoft Canada & US Eastern Region

January 29 IDC Predictions for 2015
University Club of Toronto
Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 5pm
Beers with Peers: Drake & Firkin, 6982 Financial Dr, Mississauga



Toronto Chapter hosts regular live events on issues of concern to IT Leaders. Some are led by outside experts, some by experts within our membership, and some are roundtables for open discussion on a "hot topic". Members and guests of Toronto Chapter can also participate in National e-seminars – we can network with fellow CIOs without leaving the office.