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New Trends in Top Executives’ Perception of IT:  Your influence Counts
A National Webinar based on the results of the  IDC Top Executive Survey
will be held on Tuesday, November 25, 2014, Noon ET/9:00 am PT

Join presenters Tony Olvet and Rob Burbach of IDC, along with CIOCAN's National Programs Director, moderator Mary Anne van Acker, for a custom presentation of results of IDC's Top Executive Survey for 2014.   A wide range of Canadian C-Suite executives were surveyed by telephone, and, as you know,  CIOCAN members provided the CIO portion of the research via on-line questionnaire
Find out what Canada’s top executives think about new trends in IT.    Last year, we noted:
  • An upsurge in non-IT personnel having significant impact in IT purchase decisions  
  • More demand for IT agility in an increasingly complex IT environment
  • Differentiation between IT-savvy CEOs and non-savvy CEOs in effective collaboration with IT  
  • A perception of “3rd wave technologies” as “not yet transformational”
  • Increased concerns about IT security; yet confidence in IT is strong.
  • Continued focus on the bottom line.
Let’s see what’s changed. Be ready to comment – we will be reporting. In addition, this year, we’re looking for some new information on lean business processes, and any news about increased rates of adoption of 3rd Platform technologies. All participants in the survey will receive a copy of the slide deck directly from IDC. Those who attend the webcast will have the insider commentary, and he chance to contribute.

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About the Speakers:

Tony Olvet is Group Vice President of the research domains team at IDC Canada.  He is responsible for managing the services and research direction of the technology market analysts in Canada. Mr. Olvet is also a member of IDC Canada's Senior Leadership Team.
The analyst team that Mr. Olvet manages helps technology vendors, IT professionals, and business executives make fact-based decisions on technology marketing, deployment and strategy. He has researched and presented on a variety of industry topics including mobility, cloud computing, and top executive technology priorities.
Mr. Olvet has worked with clients across a variety of organizations including global IT manufacturers, Canadian telecom service providers, technology start-ups, financial institutions and public sector organizations. He is quoted in major print and web publications including The Globe and Mail, The Montreal Gazette, The National Post,, Network World and Computer World.
Prior to leading the research domains group, Mr. Olvet was VP, communications practice; Senior Consultant; and Director of the Canadian partnering research program at IDC. Mr. Olvet earned a Bachelor's degree from the University of Waterloo and a Master's degree from the University of Toronto, specializing in economic geography.
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Robert Burbach is a senior analyst for IDC Buyer Behaviour Practice, which covers technology buying behaviour patterns in Canada across enterprise, small business and consumer markets. He also is a senior analyst for Consumerscape360 in Canada, and examines Canadian consumer technology ownership and trends in context with 30 other countries. In addition, he also designs, analyses and manages syndicated and custom research projects as part of the Survey and Analysis Group in IDC Canada. With over 20 years of market research experience across a number of sectors, Mr. Burbach possesses a broad understanding of the buying behaviour of Canadians consumers and businesses. A particular area of expertise is in the use of advanced analytical analysis to primary market research studies and its application to very large customer databases maintained by enterprises. Prior to joining IDC, Mr. Burbach was a senior associate for The Strategic Counsel. He provided senior level consulting and research services for a variety of firms across multiple industry segments including: technology, media, financial services, government and retail. He was senior manager of market research at Bank of Montreal – where he gained experience in retail banking, wealth management, brokerage, insurance, and corporate-wide strategic initiatives. Additional market research experience came from the NPD Group and Angus Reid Group. Mr. Burbach’s work included a wide range of studies examining buyer behaviour for business and consumers. This included ad-hoc and syndicated studies examining buyer behaviour for consumers and business. Mr. Burbach graduated with an MBA in international finance and marketing from the SASIN Graduate School of Business, Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, he has a bachelor of mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo, and a BA with high distinction from Ambassador College in Pasadena, CA.