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What are writers saying about the Internet of Things?  Here are just a few examples:

5 Things You May Not Know About The Internet Of Things (Forbes)
*  It’s Already Here
*  Security Is Paramount 
*  IoT Data Is Not All That Big
*  Sensor Data Has More Than One Life
*  There’s No Need to Wait

The Internet of Things: Sizing up the opportunity (McKinsey)

This connectivity trend is now recognized as a source of growth for semiconductor players and their customers. Here we consider the opportunities and constraints for components manufacturers.

Why CIOs Need To Think About The Internet Of Things (Forbes)

IoT in Canada: When and How should CIOs Engage in this Rapid-Growth Market?

Mark Your Calendars: CIOCAN to co-host Internet of Things Webinar May 13, 2015. Featured speaker will be Nigel Wallis, IDC Canada’s Research Director for Vertical Markets. Value-add: A panel of CIOs with IoT Experience.
IoT is a hot topic. Dozens of writers covering many aspects of industry tout it as “the next big thing”. Investment advisors recommend caution. Some Canadian companies are up and running with packages to help large companies as well as SMEs incorporate IoT into their forward planning.

CIOs need to be up to speed on the latest developments in the field. What’s new in the technology? (IDC has new data since October 2014). How pervasive is IoT adoption? CIOs also need to know what kinds of decisions, and planning and communication challenges they face as they consider bringing IoT into their organizations.

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