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  Action is Eloquence: Creating Value from Innovation
It has long been said that action speaks louder than words.  In the fast-paced world of technology, there is no lack of ideas and improvements that remind us that change is not only constant but persistent. So, how does an IT leader manage the barrage of demands from all the constituencies and partners that he or she serves? There’s never enough time, never enough money, never enough resources – to do what seems to be needed, or wanted. This question calls for a fundamental shift in the role and approach of IT leaders without which the never ending grind of unfulfilled expectations will undoubtedly have dire consequences. Beyond the Cloud, Big Data, Outsourcing, Resourcing challenges, BYOD and the myriad of other or soon to come challenges that are part of the everyday life of CIOs, there is no clear answer or simple way out.  Or is there?


This year’s Peer Forum intends to undertake the challenge to activate innovation into outcomes that will enable the IT leader to create strategies, design tactics and implement actions that make things happen and get real results. This means that the key leadership elements of courage, insight, and the ability to conceptualize and communicate will drive our agenda.  Our goal is for each and every attendee to be able to be not only stimulated but enabled to go back to their organization and bring new or reinforced effectiveness to their role and their team.


2014 CharitySupport 

In lieu of speaker gifts, the CIO Association of Canada chooses a local charity to support, with preference given to an organization with a focus on technology.

For the second time, the CIO Association of Canada has chosen to support Sky's The Limit. STL provides refurbished computers to under-resourced students whose parents or guardians would not otherwise be able to afford them. Targeting students in under-resourced areas, STL works hand-in-hand with other non-profit organizations to gain first-hand knowledge of which students required computers.


 Craigg Ballance

Mary Anne Ballantyne


Daniela Crivianu-Gaita,
CIO, Hospital for Sick Children

Gary Davenport

CIO, MTS Allstream

Steve Heck
CIO, Microsoft Canada

Carmen Plesch
Director of Information Systems at WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.

Jacques Mailloux President, Ottawa Chapter