About CIO Peer Forum 2020

Can emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning provide a true business advantage or is it just more marketing? Do your CEO and Board challenge you, asking “What’s holding up progress in digital transformation?”. Is Agile the future, the past, or just a distraction? What about Nation State cyber hackers – should you be worried or is that someone else’s problem?

By attending the CIO Peer Forum you will learn how Canada’s leading CIOs and CISOs are cutting through the buzz words and driving real value for their organizations from true innovation.

    • Hear the firsthand journeys of how your peers created holistic enterprise roadmaps to respond to changing customer demands and industry dynamics.
    • See technology in action and participate in training the artificial intelligence behind advanced biometric identifiers.
    • Learn about the successful development of innovation groups, and the struggles to foster an innovation culture.
    • Speakers are from a variety of industries, including professional sports, energy, banking, social services, industry analysts, government, universities, municipalities and major international corporations.

Register today and meet your CIO/CISO peers from across Canada and find out how they solved business problems and brought innovation to life.

Why Banff, you ask? Find out here.


  • Connect with other Canadian and global thought leaders
  • Hear authentic experiences; successes, failures and lessons learned
  • See technology in action with live biometric, HoloLens and autonomous automobile demonstrations
  • Learn how to make progress with digital transformation, manage complex change and demonstrate value to the business to build board support


  1. IT Security, Privacy and Governance
  • Learn to position IT Security as a board and organizational risk
  1. Career Growth, Team Growth & Succession Planning
  • Expanding on your role as a business executive, communicating in the language of business, and leading change
  1. Digital Innovation
  • Showcasing wins, how to drive success, what to watch for, what is real and what is not

Helen Knight
Founder and CTO at Helen Knight-Nonprofit Consulting
CIO Peer Forum 2020 Conference Chair

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