New KPIs Instigated by and to Drive Behavior Change for Digital Operations

Authored by: Bill Keyworth, Vice President of Research, IDC Track Speaker, April 10, 2018, CIO Peer Forum Digital technologies and the new business models they fuel have significantly impacted most enterprises. Executives are called upon to leverage digital transformation (DX) to change and disrupt their business, customers, markets, and competitors. This shift is driving tremendous changes … Read more

Canadian ICT Predictions 2019: Business Innovation, Accelerated Infrastructure and the Future of Work

By Claire Dobbin, January 24th, 2019 Adhering to what has now become a long-standing annual tradition, the Toronto Chapter welcomed the International Data Corporation (IDC) and association members to the Telus Tower in downtown Toronto to reveal this year’s ICT predictions. The highly anticipated event spurred thought-provoking discussion amongst audience members and left attendees with … Read more

Healthcare. Education. Hunger. Poverty. Artificial Intelligence can solve these global problems.

  Authored by: Zaynah Bhanji, 15-year-old machine learning and VR/AR developer. Working with companies like Google, TD, Microsoft and CIBC. Keynote Speaker, April 11, 2018, CIO Peer Forum 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. Around half of our world’s population does not have access to essential health services, such as surgical care, medicine, and proper facilities. … Read more

Leading CIOs Tackle the Challenge of Data

When 30 of Canada’s leading CIOs connected at the 2018 annual CanadianCIO Summit, one of the key concerns was deriving the full value from disparate sources of data. The leaders spoke confidently as they described data as the new oil, or currency, of the business landscape, but admitted they may be falling short when it came to … Read more