Leading CIOs Tackle the Challenge of Data

When 30 of Canada’s leading CIOs connected at the 2018 annual CanadianCIO Summit, one of the key concerns was deriving the full value from disparate sources of data. The leaders spoke confidently as they described data as the new oil, or currency, of the business landscape, but admitted they may be falling short when it came to … Read more

6 Challenges of Agile at Scale for ERP

Authored by John Belden, Project Execution Advisory Services Practice Leader, UpperEdge Speaker at the CIO Peer Forum 2018 in Vancouver on Contracting and Delivering Agile at Enterprise Scale Agile has been around for a long time by IT standards and has proven to be successful for many companies. As companies have evolved and progressed through the pioneering stage … Read more

The Talent Dividend – Shifting Gears in a Changing Economy

NEWS RELEASE  January 31, 2018  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Ottawa. January 31, 2018 – Today the Information and Communications Technology Council’s (ICTC) released a pivotal report in partnership with Microsoft Canada. The report entitled “The Talent Dividend – Shifting Gears in a Changing Economy”  (version francais) expands on ICTC’s National Digital Talent Strategy and traces a … Read more

DX Agents: The Collected Blog Series

Below is the content of a blog series published on the CIOCAN website.  The first entry is the original announcement of the DX Agents undertaking.  The next pieces, written by Dawood Kahn, use examples like Tesla, Blockchain, and Netflix to illustrate the digital transformation journey.  Read this document, and you will begin to appreciate the importance … Read more

Learn How Your Industry Is Utilizing IoT From The Industry Leaders That Know It Best – Industry and Business

We are pleased to share an excerpt from an article published on Media Planet by Ignacio Paz of Rogers Communications, in which Gary Davenport, President CIO Association of Canada, shares his insights on IoT: All Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are constantly searching for opportunities to improve their organizations’ efficiency and effectiveness. This pursuit means being able to … Read more

CIO Digest – Sept 23, 2015

CIO Digest #10 September 23, 2015 The relationship between CIOs and the Board is an area of growing interest for our Association members.  The topic has been addressed at the CIO Peer Forum and at some local chapter events.  Toronto Chapter member Steve Delaney, CIO at MCAP, has a unique perspective that he shared in … Read more

CIO Association Appoints First Executive Director

After an extensive and comprehensive search, the CIO Association of Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Tracy Blyth, CAE as part-time Executive Director, effective July 1, 2015. Tracy Blyth has over 20 years of experience in the association sector, having earned her Certified Association Executive certification in 2006. Prior to joining CIOCAN, Tracy … Read more

Why CIO Relations with the Board Still Need Work

Both Sides Now: Interview with Catherine Boivie Catherine Boivie has experienced CIO challenges from the dual perspectives of CIO practitioner, and Board director. As CIOCAN’s founding President and well-known former SVP/CIO at Pacific Blue Cross and Vancity Credit Union as well as Board director at organizations such as ICBC and MedicAlert, Boivie is an ideal … Read more