CAL Offsite ProDev 2019

“The Role and Impact of the CIO/CISO on Business Risk” The Calgary Chapter of the CIO Association was pleased to collaborate with Bennett Jones, Info-Tech and Vcura to offer Calgary’s annual offsite, which focused on The Role and Impact of the CIO on Business Risk. By all accounts it was an enjoyable and successful day … Read more

CIOPF2019 There’s a new “X” in town – WX. Workplace Experience is redefining the business value equation.

For years organizations have been heavily focused on how to improve their Customer Experience (CX). It is commonly understood and recognized that, if organizations focus on improving their customer’s experience, it has a positive impact on both the top and bottom line. But what happens when we focus equally on employee Workplace Experience (WX)? Join Jeff … Read more

CIOPF2019 CIO in the 2nd Era of the Digital Age

The CIO in the Second Era of the Digital Age For the last 40 years we’ve seen the rise of mainframes, mini-computers, the PC, the Internet, mobility,  the Web, the mobile web, social media, the cloud and big data. We’re entering a second era where new technologies are infusing into everything, and every business process. … Read more

CIOPF2019 Privacy & Security by Design: A call to Action

Privacy and security must be proactively embedded into the design of your operations. This will deliver the best returns and ensure that data breaches and other costly privacy infractions are avoided. Privacy breeds innovation and prosperity: Don’t make the mistake of overlooking it and focussing on security alone: You must have both!

CIOPF2019 Leaders Championing Diversity and Inclusion

Wonder why some companies are more innovative, more adaptable, and faster-growing? They are building a diverse and inclusive culture enabling their employees to grow, connect and bring their best selves to work! Don’t quite know what that means? Be informed and entertained with this fresh new approach on the topic of leaders championing diversity and … Read more

CIOPF2019 New Rules of IT Measurement Instigated by Digital Transformation

Digital transformation presents new opportunities for established organizations to make significant changes to their businesses and operations through new technologies — creating improved and even disruptive business outcomes.  Yet, new rules for IT metrics have emerged to create the behavioral changes essential to revamp for this kind of business change. This web conference examines how … Read more

CIOPF2019 Game day is Your Every day

When fans arrive at their team stadium for game day they expect an immersive experience driven by seamless connectivity. As the Official Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Analytics Provider of the NFL, Extreme’s technologies support the demands of high-density venues operating in condensed spaces with thousands of connected users. Delivering that “game day” experience is relevant across … Read more

TOR Best of Gartner 2018

The Toronto Chapter of the CIO Association was pleased to collaborate with Gartner Executive Programs to offer our most recent event.  As part of a National Series for the CIO Association of Canada, The Best of Gartner 2018 brings key insights from the 2018 Gartner Symposium along with key insights collected from the Annual CIO Agenda … Read more

CAL-Cyber Security

“Why You Should Never Use the Elevator at DEF CON, and Other News You Can Use from the Hacker Frontlines” The Calgary Chapter of the CIO Association was pleased to collaborate with the Calgary Office of Bennett Jones to offer our most recent event.  Those who were unable to join missed a lovely meal, but … Read more