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This is the newsletter from  June 2018 what includes information on: chapter events Partner events Ingenious Awards Mentorship Program   JUNE 27: Beers with Peers (Information & Registration HERE) JUNE 28: Trends and Techniques in Data Analytics (Information & Registration HERE) JUNE 18-19: Blockchain Foundational Workshop (Information & Registration HERE) JUNE 19-20: IdentityNorth (Information & Registration HERE) JUNE 13: Beers with Peers New West Minster (Information … Read more

CIOPF2018 The CIO’s Direct Reports

A CIO Communication Framework for the Digital Era: The CIO’s Direct Reports The CIO’s communications with his or her direct reports are a critical, yet sometimes overlooked, element of digital and organizational transformation. The CIO’s staff are the evangelists and change agents of transformation and, as such, do much of the heavy lifting. To do … Read more

CIOPF2018 The Board of Directors

A CIO Communication Framework for the Digital Era: The Board of Directors Communicating with the board and influencing the board’s decisions in support of IT and enterprise digital transformation are essential components of success in CIOs’ digital transformation strategy and execution. As enterpnse thampions for digitally driven business transformation, CIOs must use all means at … Read more

CIOPF2018 Line-of-Business Executives


A CIO Communication Framework for the Digital Era: Line-of-Business Executives Digital transformation requires close collaboration among CIOs ancl their LOB peers. Each stakeholder brings skills, knowledge, and resources that collectively power transformation initiatives. But to succeed, relationships have to weather inevitable challenges. For that to happen. ClOs must be able to effectively communicate and work … Read more


The Four Zones Model: Finding the right balance between operational excellence and business innovation The CIO.com 2017 State of the CIO survey found that 72% of respondents said they were struggling to strike the right balance between operational excellence and business innovation. 87% of respondents also said that “juggling transformational and functional responsibilities has become … Read more


What causes IT deals to fail? How can CIOs structure deals to reduce the risk of failure? Technology and IT law expert Matthew Peters answered these questions, focusing his presentation on contractual rights and other tools to address key deal risks. Steps that taken during negotiation and after signing the deal that increase the likelihood … Read more


The presentation/discussion of Manie Eagar and Mari Eagar had build awareness and advance business understanding of blockchain at the converging technologies such as Digital Identity Management, Crypto Currencies, Token Generated Events/Initial Coin Offerings, Mobile Communications, FinTech, AI, RoboAdvisers, Cybersecurity, IoT, Machine-to- Machine Learning, Big Data and Predictive Analytics. Click the icon below to download the … Read more


Over the last 15 years, Agile methods have generally penetrated most IT shops in some fashion. In response, systems integrators have created formal methods for IT development and package implementation that incorporate Agile as a foundation for delivery. These methods have been both a blessing and a curse for systems integrators and IT shops. A … Read more