Chantelle Coddington | Senior Account Manager | Electronic Recycling Association

Working 12 years at The Electronic Recycling Association, Chantelle Coddington has been involved in every aspect of the organization. She has been instrumental not only for managing day to day operations, but also for maintaining long term relationships with clients, vendors and partners.

As Senior Account and Office Manager, it is her goal to cultivate excellence within ERA by ensuring all Client Representatives are operating to the standards upheld by ERA, through transparency, honesty and quality customer service.

She is proud to work for an Organization who focuses on the environment by diverting used equipment from landfills and donating reusable items to those in need.

Virtual CIO Peer Forum

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization focused on the growing problem of e-waste and the increasing ‘digital divide’. Our objective is to help individuals and organizations with equipment through the recovery, refurbishment, and reuse of used electronic equipment.

This presentation will be focused on the need, risk & solutions surrounding repurposing equipment and will include the following points:

Need – Requests we have seen or received, organizations we are partnering with to fill requests.
Need – The Major need during the pandemic.

Risk – All Risks surrounding collecting, data security, repurposing and recycling equipment.

Solutions – Many Donation Programs that have provided solutions to not only ewaste but the impact refurbishing equipment has made to the community and organizations alike.

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