Charles Eagan | Chief Technology Officer | BlackBerry

Appointed in June 2018, Charles Eagan is the Chief Technology Officer for BlackBerry. In this role, Charles is responsible for the advancement of new technologies, driving innovation within emerging markets and advancing security capabilities that leverage AI and Machine Learning. He is also responsible for technology partnerships and overseeing the standardization and integration of all company products with an emphasis on helping drive BlackBerry’s Internet of Things platform.

Charles was previously the Global Head of Electronics at Dyson Ltd (U.K.), focused on IoT device deployment. Prior to that he served as BlackBerry’s Global Head of Device Software, and spearheaded development of the BlackBerry 10 operating system and the transition to secure Android.

Charles was formerly Vice President of Engineering for QNX Software, where he concentrated on the automotive and embedded markets. He also worked at Cisco and directed development of the seminal CRS-1 carrier routing system.

In 2008, Charles co-founded Crank Software, a company dedicated to the development of embedded tools and technologies that enabled rapid building of highly functional graphical interfaces. Earlier in his career, he built connected devices for Honda in the areas of process control, factory automation and robotics.

Charles is a noted speaker, thought leader and IoT expert who has been at the forefront of new frontiers in digital connectivity for over three decades. He graduated with honors from the University of Waterloo (Canada) with a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and electrical engineering minor.

Virtual CIO Peer Forum

Forging a Path to a Safe and Secure Future 

As the IoT expands, with International Data Corporation (IDC) predicting there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices, or “things,” by 2025, cyber intrusions become inevitable. For almost any organization, the question is no longer if it will face a cyber-attack—but rather, when.  So amidst the chaos of proliferating endpoints, and a new world of work in which millions of workers have seen their respective homes—effectively become the ‘new’ enterprise, this session will explore what organizations can do to bolster their defenses and create “order Out of chaos”.

This session will examine:

  • Today’s cybersecurity threat landscape
  • How to secure the IoT in a hyperconnected world – from connected cars and critical infrastructure to utilities and end users
  • BlackBerry’s vision for Security and Business Continuity
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