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The CIO Peer Forum 2022

The Road Ahead: Seeing Beyond the Curves

Virtual Conference from April 26 to May 13, 2022

The Flagship Technology Conference for CIOs

The CIO Association of Canada’s annual conference, the CIO Peer Forum, is a vibrant community event for attendees and the profession. We recognize the essential role of the CIO Peer Forum is now more important than ever. We need to bring our IT community together to share the latest trends, provide opportunities for thought leaders to learn about innovations, and be able to network with colleagues in their areas of expertise.

Connect with CIOCAN members and expert speakers from across the country as we share data, insights and best practices as companies shift and pivot to meet new challenges.


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The Road Ahead: Seeing Beyond the Curves

As the world gradually emerges from the pandemic, business and technology are continually being transformed.  CIOs have been driving technology and their respective companies for many years.  This year’s conference focuses on the futures of both.  In the era of COVID-19, some technology initiatives have been accelerated; in other instances, brakes have been applied.  The aim is to bring IT leaders together to help them navigate an emerging future, avoid obstacles, and, most importantly, accelerate out of the curves.  The CIO Peer Forum® assembles IT leaders from across industries and regions, providing them with an invaluable view of the road ahead, informed by industry experts and knowledgeable peers.

Digital Acceleration and Innovation

As the pandemic enters the rear-view mirror, businesses look at technology leaders to continue digital acceleration and innovation initiatives.  What emergency measures enabled organizations to cope with changing circumstances, and which of these will remain going forward as competitive advantages?  What innovations have organizations found invaluable for the road ahead?  The conference subtheme focuses on the vision, preparation, and execution required for the foreseeable and unforeseeable turns.

IT Security, Privacy & Governance

More than ever before, security and privacy risk are on the top of the list of concerns for organizations, especially for the CIO and CISO.  We need to recalibrate our approaches to education, ethics, and personnel with an awareness of the many implications of cyber risk.  With an abundance of new technical security solutions/tools, where do you start?  What are the new rules of the road for organizations?  How do we best adhere to these emerging standards and graceful recovery when things slip.  This conference subtheme will help IT leaders, especially those tasked with cybersecurity and governance, as they quickly yet safely drive their organizations into the future.

The Future of People.  Work, Talent, and Emerging Norms

The nature of work has changed forever.  The future of work is continually being reshaped as companies/industries adapt to hybrid work, remote work and in-office work.  Employee expectations are changing, and so are the recruitment, management, development and retention approaches leaders require.  This conference track will inform and help prepare attendees for the challenging people-centric highway IT leaders face.

Please join us to reconnect with your peers in an environment rich in professional development content that is especially relevant in a transformed world as we plot a route to The Road Ahead!

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Garrett Reisman
Professor of Astronautical Engineering
University of Southern California

David Wong
Executive Vice-President, Finance, Technology, Supply Chain & CFO at BC Hydro

Anders Indset
Business Philosopher

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