Carolyn Levy

Group President of
Randstad Technologies Group
& Chief Diversity Officer,

Randstad Canada

Carolyn Levy is Group President of Randstad Technologies Group & Chief Diversity Officer, Randstad, Canada. In the context of accelerated pace of new and emerging technologies, Carolyn steers the strategic direction of two complementary divisions: Randstad Technologies, a Canadian leader in matching exceptional tech talent with leading organizations across the country, and IT Solutions, who provide on demand IT services, software development and strategy. A forward-thinker and a transformational, inclusive leader, Carolyn leads a highly-skilled and passionate team of experts working in all areas of the tech and IT landscape, and is committed to support employers in sourcing top talent and implementing innovative projects that will shape their business.

Speaking: April 26th 

Unlock the power of diversity: how to cultivate intentional and inclusive leadership

For many years, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) was a problem to solve, or worse yet, a box to check. But today’s reality demands a different approach: one that requires organizations to embed diversity in all parts of their organization. To build and foster a culture of respect, inclusion and belonging, organizations need to demonstrate courage, accountability, and persistence – and it starts at the top. Meaningful change requires unwavering commitment and steady, ongoing improvement. Through this session, you will reflect on your current approach to diversity and explore the next steps you can take to move it towards a true sustainable, long-term and strategic focus.