Guy Merritt

VP of Solutions and Consulting
at SoftServe. Inc.

An experienced C-suite executive, Guy has 35 years of engineering leadership developing cloud-based systems, products, and engineering & manufacturing test solutions for a wide variety of industries. He is an author of the award-winning book “Proactive Risk Management: Controlling Uncertainty in Product Development”.

Speaking: May 10

Journey to FinOps: The Critical First 90-days

Cost is not the benefit of moving to the cloud; agility is. Moving from a CAPEX model for IT spend to an OPEX model presents a myriad of challenges for every enterprise considering such a move. And most of those challenges are not technical, but organizational and cultural. Any enterprise wishing to leverage the true power of the public cloud will have to rethink its approach to balancing the speed, cost and quality of its technology solutions.

The FinOps Foundation describes Cloud Financial Operations, or FinOps, as the practice of bringing financial accountability to the variable spend model of cloud, thereby enabling distributed teams to make business trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality. In short, FinOps is about making the cloud a cost-effective solution for your enterprise. Successfully implementing a mature FinOps practice in your enterprise requires a well-considered approach.

In this talk, led by Ted Schmidt, Enterprise Cloud Solutions Principal and Guy Merritt, Vice President, Solutions & Consulting for SoftServe Inc., we will discuss the practical side of FinOps, including:

1. What is FinOps
2. Who Needs It and Why
3. The First 90 Days of FinOps
a. Evolving from CAPEX to OPEX thinking
b. Assembling the FinOps Team
c. Communicating Expectations
d. Why Automation is Key
e. Maturing a Cloud-Savvy Enterprise
4. A FinOps Roadmap
5. Case Studies