Jacqui Guichelaar

Group Chief Information Officer and senior vice president at Cisco


Jacqui Guichelaar is the Group Chief Information Officer and senior vice president at Cisco. She is responsible for the company’s global technology infrastructure and application development and is passionate about driving the Digital Strategy for Cisco and its customers.

Throughout a career characterised by focused self-determination and a refusal to rest on laurels, Jacqui has gained extensive commercial, management and leadership experience in the Technology industry. Previously, she was the Group Chief Information Officer at Thomson Reuter’s where she built and led a Technology Transformation program in support of the companies Digital Strategy. She has also held roles in Lloyds Bank, Deutsche Bank, National Australia Bank, IBM and CSC gaining experience across industries such as Financial Services, Utilities, Telecommunications, Media and Retail.

Informed by 28 years of IT experience that has allowed her to witness developments in the sector from every angle and to spearhead the introduction of significant new technologies, Jacqui has a sustained track record of delivering large scale transformation programmes through a structured framework of plans and strict governance. She is passionate about developing talent and supporting individuals to realise their potential.

Jacqui was born in Uruguay, South America. She has worked in many countries around the world including Sydney, Frankfurt, London and New York, which plays into her passion for exploring new cultures and fostering diversity of thought. She is actively involved in many non-profit organizations and is currently a Board member of the Center for Anti-Violence Education (CAE). She was the Chair of 2012 Women on Wall Street Conference.