Jason Cassidy

Founder and CEO
at Shinydocs

Jason has been solving digital enterprise technology challenges for over 20 years as a new product developer and entrepreneur. His award-winning solutions are transforming the digital landscape from traditional ECM to modern Content Services. Jason currently sits on the Board of Directors for AIIM International and is the driving force behind Shinydocs’ success as OpenText’s 3 time Technology Partner of the Year and its best-selling 3rd party technology worldwide.

Speaking: April 28th

Disruption is Already at the Door

Cheryl Smith quite literally wrote the book on Digital Transformation and she joins Jason Cassidy to discuss how transformative digital leaders are rethinking data to drive increased revenue, tremendous cost savings and substantively improved ways of doing business. Your competitors are already leveraging data as a strategic advantage against your organization so how are you focusing on data as a key resource? How are you pulling high-value insights from your information instead of simply letting it dissipate like so much data exhaust. CEOS will learn: Why digital transformations fail. Why the clock is ticking for organizations looking to capitalize on the latest Digital Revolution. The difference between a long term strategy versus mitigating short term risk. What is possible when digital leaders put data at the centre of their strategy and seek out complete data understanding.

Rethinking Data: How CIOs are driving strategic value while ensuring data is properly secured and managed

Organizations are struggling to manage every single piece of data coming into their organization. Understanding unstructured and structured content, securing it against cyberthreats and ensuring it’s available to drive key strategic value to the organization has become mission critical. It’s what separates the digital transformation winners who have a long term data strategy from the also-rans who are still mired in the status quo. Born out of several frank discussions with CIO Association of Canada members, join us as we debut key Blueprint findings in this can’t miss Peer Session.

CIO’s will learn:

  • What companies need to wrestle with the extreme volume, variety and velocity of incoming data
  • How they plan on continuously monitoring data quality across all inputs
  • Why complete data understanding will separate the winners from the losers in the next 10 years
  • Where can companies get started, turning data into a strategic asset instead of a looming liability?