Julia Armstrong

Donation Manager at Electronic Recycling Association

Julia Armstrong joined the Electronic Recycling Association team in 2018 and has gained experience in many different facets of the organization, now primarily focused on donation activities and marketing.

She started off her career as a production accountant for a mid-sized oil and gas company. Obviously knowing the importance of reliable technology to ensure work deadlines were met, she didn’t give much thought to what the company did with the computers when it was time for an upgrade. Working with the ERA has exposed Julia to the fact that perfectly usable IT equipment gets recycled all the time instead of being reused and it has also highlighted the point that there is an immeasurable need for free or low-cost options for charitable organizations and less fortunate individuals.

Julia enjoys volunteering with seniors and appreciates that she can work for an organization like ERA which consistently provides vulnerable citizens with the devices they need to stay connected to friends and family.

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