Manfred Boudreaux-Dehmer


NATO Chief Information Officer
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

NATO’s inaugural Chief Information Officer (CIO) with principal responsibility to realize the Allies’ vision for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as mandated by the North Atlantic Council under the delegated authority of the NATO Secretary General. Facilitating ICT coherence across the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s 41 civil and military bodies with 25,000 users. Performing the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) function as a single point of authority for all cybersecurity issues. IT executive with 25 years of leadership experience in large organizations within the computer (hardware, software), electronics, and Internet of Things (IoT) industries. Core expertise anchored in strategy and transformation, architecture, cybersecurity, governance, and mergers/acquisitions. Global Executive MBA from Duke University, North Carolina and Master of Science (MSc) in Business Management Research from University of Reading, UK. Pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) at the University of Reading by examining human-technology interactions within the context of IoT solutions. Multi-national work experience in Belgium, Canada, USA, Brazil, The Netherlands, and Germany.

Speaking May 5th: 

Cyber resilience at NATO


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is the most successful political and military Alliance in history. Its purpose is to guarantee the freedom and security of one billion people on the planet. The NATO Enterprise with 41 civil and military organizations and 25,000 users works with 30 member nations and an additional 40 partner countries and international organizations across the globe to fulfill its purpose. This session is about NATO’s activities to continually strengthen its cybersecurity posture in a hostile world. It outlines the importance of resilience, knowing one’s infrastructure, the “human defense”, and enhancing skills in defending IT systems under real-time attacks.