Rita Lazar-Tippe

Director of Information, Insights, Innovation & IT Operations
at Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS)

Rita Lazar-Tippe has over 25 years of experience in Digital Transformation and Innovation, comprising of private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. In her current role with Alberta Pensions Services Corporations, she serves as the Director of Information, Data Insights, Corporate Innovation, and IT Operations. The organization provides administrative services to more than 500 employers across Alberta with over 370,000 members and pensioners and administers $6 billion annually in pension plan funds. Rita has created and is executing on a multiyear strategic plan to deliver a 360 view of the member and pensioner, shifting to a selfservice data model, incorporating AI to elevate business insights and decision making. Created and implemented a corporate wide innovation program to both optimize and enhance the employee and customer experience. Created and executing on various digital transformation initiatives.

Speaking: May 5

The role of the CIO is evolving, but to what?

The world of business has changed drastically over the past two years. With in-person interactions limited, technology and business executives, sales teams, functional leads and, well, everyone else in Canadian organizations has had to adjust. For CIOs this adjustment has been compounded by the growing importance of technology to an organization’s bottom line and, often, the need for accelerated, transformative projects to address business needs. The role of the CIO is evolving, but to what? What does the ‘CIO of the Future’ look like?

A group of CIOCAN members debated several questions in an open forum to discuss not only how the role has already changed, but also:

How has the process for making purchasing decisions changed over the course of the last two year
How the role of your vendors and partners has evolved
Are those changes here to stay?
How the evolution of technology as a business driver has added to a CIO’s scope of responsibilities

This session will share the results of these discussions and the resulting white paper.