Romanus Prabhu Raymond

Global Head – Technical Support, Unified Endpoint Management and Security
at ManageEngine

Romanus Prabhu Raymond is the Global head of technical support for endpoint management & security at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp. With over 18 years of experience spanning from the legacy client management to modern endpoint management & security solution domains, he directly oversees consultation, implementation and partner coordination across the globe. Being no stranger to the stage, he holds the title of ME guru, providing direction and ideas to many professionals and peers in his field.

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Speaking: May 3

Unifying endpoint strategies for enterprise

Understanding the risk that the enterprise business endpoints have to face in the modern threat landscape. Prepare, not to panic about the known and unknown real time vulnerabilities. Recommending a practical approach in securing endpoints through the layered approach strategy.

Key takeaways
1. Understand the modern attack trends
2. Big picture of changing attack surface
3. Predict and protect your endpoints from attacks
4. Strategic approach to protect your network endpoints
5. Getting the threat actor’s perspective of your network endpoints