Steve Biswanger

Vice President & CISO
at ATCO Group

Steve Biswanger’s career has focused on cybersecurity for over 25 years. Working with large consulting companies and boutique cybersecurity firms around the world he has improved security for organizations like Verizon, Google, Yahoo! and the United Nations in industries such as online casinos, Japanese banking, oil & gas and telecommunications. A deep technical background combined with a passion for practical governance is a unique combination that allows him to translate risks and requirements from both perspectives. His current role as CISO for ATCO puts him on the leading edge of risk management for the global infrastructure and logistics company. Steve is also Past President of the CISO Division of the CIO Association of Canada where he fosters an environment of information sharing and helps prepare the next generation of cybersecurity executives to be successful. One thing that has been true throughout his career, It’s not about security. It’s about trust.

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Speaking: May 11

Leverage IT and IoT to drive a revolution in OT!

Steve Biswanger believes it is time to rethink how we protect and leverage OT systems. Traditionally critical infrastructure and operational technology (OT) environments have been separated from IT environments for security. This solves the security problem, but creates significant business challenges as we evolve to data driven organizations. We don’t separate critical IT systems this way: HR or Finance don’t have separate environments for their systems. What can we learn from the IT environments to improve our OT environments. Changes to critical systems usually take a long time, so can we wait to evolve, or is it time for a design revolution? Steve proposes a three step plan to go from segregated SCADA OT, to an OT revolution that unlocks critical data for the new world.