“What are you doing with your End-of-First-Life™ assets today? Receive cash and verified carbon credits by trading in your aged technology with us. Contact CO2Neutral to start your asset disposition assessment!”

The CO2Neutral Program is an IT asset disposition service that allows organizations to trade in their End-of-First-Life™ (EOFL™) technology and receive cash back and carbon credits to support their environmental goals.


How it works
First, CO2Neutral will identify the End-of-First-Life™ technology and provide an appraisal detailing what the assets are worth and how many carbon credits they can generate. Once the offer is accepted, IT assets are securely picked-up and transported to the ISO-Certified processing facility where they are audited, tested, de-branded and the data is removed through a NIST 800-88 wiping or physical destruction process. Data sanitized assets are sold through CO2Neutral’s sales channel to generate cashback. This process will also generate certified carbon credits as buyers are choosing refurbished assets instead of new technology, thus offsetting the carbon emissions that would have been produced through the manufacturing of new assets. The cash and carbon credits generated will then be transferred to the customer providing them with an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and cash which can be reinvested back into the organization or donated into the community to make a positive impact.

2019 is the year of sustainability! 
The CIO Association of Canada (CIOCAN) is partnering with CO2Neutral to help members reduce their carbon footprint and be recognized for their efforts.

Environmental Impact

Program Benefits for CIOs

CIOs will now have access to an environmentally friendly solution to process their IT assets, a solution which provides cash and carbon credits.  CO2Neutral can offer services to securely pick up and transport IT assets to our ISO-Certified processing facility where devices are audited, tested, de-branded and the data is removed through a NIST 800-88 wiping or physical destruction process. Once processed, the devices are evaluated to determine how much cash back and carbon credits the organization will receive.

CIOs can feel confident that their sensitive data has been appropriately removed. All data bearing assets destined for resale are securely wiped clean in accordance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88. CO2Neutral will provide certificates by serial number for each device wiped.

More info

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