CIO Peer Forum 2023 | Sessions

Communicating the security reality to the board with actionable and risk-based KPIs 🎥

Wednesday May 3, 3:15 pm - 4:10 pm
Sponsored by ManageEngine

Session description

A CISO may get approximately half an hour with the board every quarter. During these 30 minutes, they should be able to communicate the key strategic initiatives that will minimize risk, and ensure that the organization does not fall victim to a cyber attack. These strategic initiatives should be tied back to the organization’s risk appetite, current risk posture and future goals. The improvements and progress made by the organization, and the resulting positive financial impact should also be shown clearly. To do this, a CISO would need to make use of risk-based KPIs that are actionable and drive desired behavior.

This approach will enable a CISO to build a compelling story to relay to the board. In turn, this will help them get a buy-in for taking the right steps to improve security maturity.

Join us in this talk to learn about the key metrics to track, and how to translate this into a compelling story for the board.