CIO Peer Forum 2023 | Sessions

Breakout Session C: Data!!! What? Where? Why? How?

Wednesday May 3, 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm
Moderator: Jaap Mantel
Sponsored by Data and More

Session description

Join an exciting and insightful Panel as we engage executive leaders to discuss Data Discovery and its importance. These topics will relate to recent Data Breaches, Governance, AI and how being intimate with your data helps your compliance and insurability.

One of the topics covered will be the recent findings from the Halifax General Water Utility where 72%+ of key employees were willing to share their business credentials with a Phishing email. If this was your company – how would that impact your data/business? Join us as we share insights, lessons learned and perspectives on various breach situations and reflect on the voice of the CIO, what it means to the CEO and engage the audience on your perspective.