CIO Peer Forum 2023 | Sessions

The Science of Human Connection – Where Inclusion and Wellness Meet 🎥

Thursday May 4, 8:45 am - 9:30 am

Session description

The Human Factor is an essential and irreplaceable ingredient for any organization’s success. Properly engaging multi-generational and neurodiverse talent across various workplace structures is the challenge many leaders are facing today as they begin to facilitate difficult conversations, shed light on sensitive topics, and navigate immense economic change. As human beings, we’re not static objects, but dynamic organisms with layers of intersectionality and complexity. There is power in being who you are, rather than trying your hardest to conform. As an immigrant child bride, and advocate for human rights and equity for over 10 years, Samra has travelled around the world to learn from and work with BIPOC and other minority groups to strengthen her understanding of the complexities of human perspectives that breed exceptional leadership traits. Using her lived experiences, combined with an extensive educational background in science, humanities, and finance, she offers actionable solutions to advance inclusion and psychological safety, and foster a culture of innovation, creativity and resiliency.