Technology Leadership Program

For the future CIO:

An innovative executive program designed to accelerate your career


Leadership Grads Tim and Sandeep:

What They Learned; How Their Organizations Benefited


The role of the CIO is among the most dynamic in the enterprise, and you have decided to make it your challenge. To get there, you will need experience, contacts, and a broad technological and strategic perspective. You are focused on developing these skills, and are looking for a way to kick-start the learning. This program is designed to do just that by introducing you, the (future) CIO to the key concepts and realities associated with CIO success.

This program is offered by Simon Fraser University, Beedie School of Business, in partnership with the CIO Association of Canada. It provides a tremendous asset to you now and into your future and is endorsed by two of the strongest national brands in business and the area of management of information systems, providing a tremendous asset to you now, and into your future.

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IMPORTANT DATES Application Deadline: September 1, 2020
Program Start: October 13, 2020
LOCATION Online and at the Segal Graduate School,
Vancouver, BC
CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION Executive EducationBeedie School of Business
Simon Fraser University
Segal Graduate School
500 Granville St.
Vancouver, V6C 1W6
Phone Number: 778.782.6626

Andrew_Gemino1Dr. Andrew Gemino is a Professor and serves as Associate Dean of SFU Beedie. He has twice received the Canada Trust Distinguished Teacher award from SFU Beedie. Andrew’s academic research focuses on IT project management, business systems analysis and the design of technology-mediated collaborative environments.


Blaize_Horner_ReichDr. Blaize Horner Reich came to academia after 15 years as an information technology professional and consultant to industry in both Canada and Asia. She earned her PhD in 1993 at the University of British Columbia. Today, Blaize is a Professor of information technology and an internationally respected researcher and speaker; she served as associate dean of SFU Beedie from 2000-2003 and was awarded the Canada Trust Distinguished Teaching award in 1997.


Peter_TinglingDr. Peter Tingling joined SFU Beedie from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario where his thesis focused on technological decision-making in an organizational context. Peter has taught at several business schools, and has spent more than two decades in information technology industries.


Sandy MacIver has spent the last 44 years learning and teaching in the fields of leadership, teamwork, company values, systems thinking and, especially, trust and trust-building. He has factored knowledge in all of these fields into his three overlapping careers. Sandy has done thirty-three years (and counting) of consulting, executive coaching and working with CEO’s and other senior executives. He has advised and assisted in improving performance and working relationships in the workplace, leading applied learning programs and building engaged and productive organizational cultures. His work has spanned North America. Sandy has taught scores of leadership and organization-related classes at four different universities, starting in 1987. Sandy now teaches Leadership in the Manager of Technology MBA program at SFU and in the Values-Based Leadership Certificate at RRU. Sandy’s cut his career ‘teeth’ in public sector planning and policy, for ten years.