Sponsor Ethical Guide

CIO Association of Canada – Sponsor Code of Ethical Conduct

The CIO Association of Canada seeks to create a unique environment for IT Leaders to openly share experiences, expertise and insights with one another as a community and to leverage the thought leadership of external parties (i.e. Sponsors) to achieve the same.

This environment fosters professional development both for individual CIOCAN members, and the profession of IT Leadership.  Ultimately, improved IT Leadership results in higher performing IT Leaders,  teams and corporate performance.

CIOCAN sponsors play a critical role in enabling these objectives through their significant contribution of thought leadership, expertise and information that increase the abilities of Canadian IT leaders and the organizations they represent.

The CIO Association of Canada seeks to facilitate appropriate opportunities for sponsors to contribute financial support and to demonstrate their industry leadership, insight, and the commercial importance of their organizations to the CIOCAN membership, through sponsor behaviour which respects, and is in alignment with CIOCAN’s mission, vision and values.

To ensure that we develop relationships that enhance our programs and activities in a responsible way, CIOCAN has developed this Sponsor Code of Ethical Conduct which outlines how we work with corporations and the types of activities suitable for sponsorship.

The policy represents the conditions by which CIOCAN will enter into sponsorship agreements.

This policy applies to all agreements between CIOCAN and any corporate entity.  Sponsorship is understood to mean unrestricted financial or in-kind support for designated CIOCAN activities and programs. All CIOCAN sponsorship sales activities are the responsibility of the National Office. Individual CIOCAN members do not negotiate sponsorship agreements.

Key principles

All relationships must be consistent with the CIOCAN Sponsor Code of Ethical Conduct. Sponsorship will only be pursued if the relationship supports the Association’s core values, enhancing the Association objectives of professional development. Sponsors will:

  • Contribute content and/or speaker(s) for the primary purpose of providing thought leadership and subject matter expertise to inform CIOCAN members & guests on relevant topics
  • Respect the integrity and credibility of CIOCAN and its members
  • Participate in a manner consistent with CIOCAN mission, vision and values
  • Support the mutual exchange of knowledge
  • Refrain from using their privileged access to the CIOCAN membership and extended community for un-invited sales & marketing activity

Overall CIO Association of Canada policy

Regardless of the activity or program being sponsored CIOCAN will ensure that these conditions are met in the following categories:

Administration of project

  • A written agreement between the company and CIOCAN must be signed to clarify the terms, conditions, benefits and financial commitments related to the sponsorship
  • The solicitation, use, and recognition of funds for all activities or projects will be discussed with the sponsor
  • CIOCAN will not enter into any agreement that could reasonably be perceived as product endorsement
  • All projects will be reviewed annually, with a report to CIOCAN’s National Board, to ensure that they continue to meet these guidelines
  • The agreement can be terminated if the sponsor is deemed to be no longer in compliance with CIOCAN Sponsor Code of Ethical Conduct

Operational Independence

  • CIOCAN retains full editorial and operational independence
  • CIOCAN has sole discretion over the appropriate scope and content of all programs and activities such as, but not limited to, authorship/speakers, format, illustrations, etc.
  • CIOCAN is responsible for coordinating all activities where third parties are involved
  • CIOCAN has final approval over all content and materials used to promote sponsored activities and in all instances in which the CIOCAN’s name or logo is used
  • Use of the CIOCAN logo and/or name without prior consent is prohibited
  • Once approved by CIOCAN, materials or information provided by CIOCAN cannot be reproduced or modified in any way, nor can they be used by the Sponsor organization in promotional material without prior permission
  • In all instances, corporate sponsors will be publicly disclosed

Financial considerations

  • Once a sponsorship agreement is and signed, sponsors must fulfill all financial commitments, even if they can no longer participate in an activity
  • CIOCAN will not offer exclusive sponsorship rights to any corporation. Funding for educational events, activities, and educational materials will be sought from a variety of supporters
  • If CIOCAN is not able to stage the event for which sponsor funds were provided, CIOCAN will return the contracted funds back to the Sponsor

Selection of Sponsors

CIOCAN welcomes the opportunity to work with organizations who meet the following criteria:

  • Products and services do not present a conflict of interest with the mandate of CIOCAN, are not deemed hazardous to individual and population health or to the environment in Canada and in all international markets
  • The conditions outlined in the Sponsor Code of Ethical Conduct as well as the Mission, Vision and Values of CIOCAN are accepted, respected and honoured
  • Abide by territorial, provincial and federal acts
  • Adhere to the principles outlined in their respective industry codes

Sponsor acknowledgments and recognition

  • Recognition varies for each activity, and will be discussed in detail with the sponsor when reviewing sponsorship opportunities
  • CIOCAN will determine the final wording and placement of sponsor acknowledgments. Acknowledgement of sponsorship will not obligate CIOCAN to make any reference to supporting products, corporate information and/or websites
  • Sponsorship is reserved to corporate level recognition and, as such, products and services are not eligible sponsors
  • CIOCAN does not endorse commercial products, services, professional guidelines or public education materials produced by private sector organizations
  • Requests to collaborate on unsolicited projects are considered on a case-by-case basis by the National Sponsorship Lead