Mentorship Program

Whether you are a Mentor or a Mentee, the gift of giving and receiving is invaluable.

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As a core part of our mission at CIOCAN is to facilitate executive development and to collaborate on issues facing CIOs/IT Executives, a Mentorship program, free to all CIOCAN members and their direct reports, continues to demonstrate our dedication to growing and supporting current and emerging IT leaders.

The purpose of this program is to enhance the value of your membership in the CIOCAN Association, enabling another channel for your growth and development. By participating in this program, as a Mentor, Mentee, or both, you can be confident the experience will bring exposure to ideas and perspectives intended to cultivate a more powerful you. Whether you are a Mentor or a Mentee, the gift of giving and receiving is invaluable, a platform for professional exchange and mutual learning is at the foundation of this program.

We are inviting submissions to participate as a Mentor or Mentee simply fill out the brief Mentor or Mentee form. Intake opens January 6, 2020 and closed January 28, 2020.

When applications are received, they go through a process to match the Mentee with the best fit Mentor, based on the identified goals and desired outcomes for their development. In most cases we will be matching participants based on their location, and where challenging, or by request of the Mentee, we may match a participant with someone outside of their location.

Participating in the mentorship program is a benefit of membership in CIOCAN. Direct reports of members may participate as mentees.

High Level Responsibilities

As a Mentor

  • Create open dialogue
  • Act as a model and inspire to meet and exceed expectations
  • Share ideas, views, provide feedback
  • Suggest strategies to accomplish objectives
  • Share appropriate behaviours, attitudes, protocol and life experience
  • Provide suggestion for career enhancements

As a Mentee

  • Set goals and desired outcomes
  • Schedule meetings and set agendas
  • Determine topics to be discussed
  • Be prepared for each meeting to discuss action items or areas needing support
  • Incorporate advice, guidance and feedback
  • Respect the parameters of the program
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the relationship
  • The duration of the engagement will be six months, with a minimum of 6 scheduled interactions during that period. At the discretion of both parties more interactions are encouraged.
  • The process to match appropriately will be directly influenced by the transparency each party exercises in completing the submission of interest form, be complete and candid.
  • Each party will be bound by confidentiality as outlined in the Mentorship Agreement CIOCAN will be collecting feedback on the program process and experience for both the Mentor and Mentee.

What you need to know

CIOCAN Mentoring is/does:

  • A partnership requiring equal commitment and investment from both partners
  • A career enhancement process structured enough to collaborate on your roadmap, yet agile enough to adjust and meet in the moment challenges
  • A mutually respectful relationship that is built on a foundation of trust, confidentiality, and integrity
  • A program with purposeful design to enable results, supported by a minimum number of meetings and assessed for value and impact

CIOCAN Mentoring isn’t/doesn’t:

  • Professional Executive Coaching
  • A job search forum
  • An opportunity for access to the mentor/mentee’s contact network
  • A place to transfer ownership of your career successes or misses

Join us as a Mentor or Mentee

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