White Paper – Low-Code Development for CIOs: Essential Recommendations for IT Leaders

CIOCAN has published a new whitepaper with support by DAZZM.

“The increased demand for application development comes from many directions. Where CIOs
might have once focused their developers on operational applications that support the back
office, the quest to enhance customer experiences has prompted the call for more ways to engage
digitally. This not only includes e-commerce processes on an organization’s own website but
applications that connect to social media channels, third-party marketplaces and more.
At the same time, increased digitization in our personal lives raises the bar for the tools employees
expect to use at work. IT leaders may find themselves fielding ideas and requests for applications
that could transform sales, marketing, customer service, HR and much more.
Low-code development platforms represent the only viable way to address these challenges.
Among other benefits, these platforms allow those on the front lines of business to play a more
active role in creating the software that runs the business.”

Please visit this page to download the entire whitepaper.