Impact Awards

CIOCAN’s Impact Awards recognize excellence in our technology leaders across Canada

CIOCAN’s Impact Awards 2022

The CIOCAN Impact Awards recognize the outstanding contributions of our members. It is together that we tackle the complex issues of our profession and we’re so proud of our members who are leading the way. Nominate a colleague today. Deadline for applications: January 15, 2022

Six Awards. Impacting Our Future

There is no other way to say it: CIOCAN is only as strong as its members make it. As a group of technology professionals, we work together to problem-solve, share know-how and develop as leaders of Canada’s economy.

The energy each member brings to our association makes a difference to how well we can do that. As the momentum builds at CIOCAN, we just keep getting stronger – because of our members. And we think that’s something to celebrate.

Celebrate Your Peers

CIOCAN President’s Award

This Board member leads by example – they hold themselves to a high standard and motivate others to do the same. The recipient of this award works hard, and with perseverance and enthusiasm shapes both the association and the profession.

CIOCAN Member of the Year Award

For the member who never misses a CIOCAN event. This award is for someone who takes the time to share their knowledge with others. They start discussions and make all-around valuable contributions, all while being approachable and welcoming to others. They are a leader and inspire other members to do their best.

CIOCAN Mentor of the Year Award

Whether through the CIOCAN mentorship program or simply by adding value to the CIOCAN community, this person is a mentor to those who are lucky enough to interact with them. They are always willing to share their knowledge and leave a meaningful impact on those around them. Peers see them as a leader and a teacher.

CIOCAN Lifetime Achievement Award

For the person who has dedicated years to CIOCAN and to the profession. They inspire greatness in others through their Board leadership position(s) and have been a mentor to many. They propel the CIO profession forward with their innovation and dedication.

CIOCAN Crisis Leadership Award

This member demonstrates innovation and leadership during a crisis which may or may not include the Covid-19 pandemic. The nominated individual demonstrated resiliency and persistence to ensure his/her organization was able to continue with its business during the crisis.


Whether as a member of the CISO Division or simply by adding value to the CIOCAN community, this person has demonstrated a high degree of commitment to promoting good security practices at senior levels. The nominated individual demonstrates top management commitment to information security, a sensitivity to their own stakeholder needs, sound risk management practices, and continuous improvement.

Join us at the CIO Peer Forum

Please join us the for virtual CIO Peer Forum on April 26, 2022, to see your peers recognized for their hard work.