President’s Message

Phillipe Johnston

Philippe Johnston

President, National Board, CIO Association of Canada
CIO, National Research Council Canada

I am very honored to assume the role of President of the CIO Association of Canada. The CIO Association of Canada has provided me with so many positive opportunities, allowing me to create wonderful relationships with the most creative, passionate and innovative Senior IM/IT Business Leaders.

2020 is the year of the CIO and all technology leaders. There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in technology and digital innovation as today.

Who knew that a few months ago Canada’s technology leaders would be at the forefront of delivering expertise to enable our country to move forward during the Covid-19 pandemic. This very talented group of people quickly enabled employees to work safely from their homes that allowed them to continue to support our economy while innovating and delivering essential services.

We could not be more proud of how CIOCAN members continue to enhance business continuation and support digital transformation for our great Country.

I am proud to be a CIO and am proud of my many colleagues and friends who rose to the occasion and in a very short timeframe, served their organizations well.

As the new President of the CIO Association of Canada, I will be committed to continuing to promote the “Voice of the CIO” and providing our members with the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills to support innovation and digital leadership for Canada.

As we collectively look to our future, I am very excited about the possibilities for our members of CIOCAN:

  • Impact Awards Program – The CIOCAN Impact Awards recognize the outstanding contributions of our members.
  • Thought Leadership Councils – Bringing together members from coast to coast in a virtual thought leadership “brain trust” to problem-solve the challenges we all share in our roles every day.
  • Mentorship Program – The Mentorship Program, free to all CIOCAN members and their direct reports, continues to demonstrate our dedication to growing and supporting current and emerging IT leaders.
  • CIO Connect – CIO Connect is a virtual roundtable exchange of ideas that promotes learning as well as networking.
  • CIO Peer Forum – April is the month for the flagship technology conference for CIO’s, and it’s virtual, which means CIOCAN members attend free.
  • Innovation Drivers Podcast Showcasing Canada’s technology and innovation prowess to the world. Check out the 7 current podcasts on the CIOCAN website.
  • Our new website, launched in October 2020, is easy to navigate and is chock full of great information for you, our members.
  • Events – We continue to serve our members with virtual education and networking opportunities and will do so, until it is safe to meet in person.
  • Local Chapters – Chapters continue to offer both education and networking opportunities during this challenging time. Connect with your local leadership team.
  • CISO Division – The CISO Division is a forum where CISO’s can network, share ideas, offer CISO support and learn from each other.

GET INVOLVED!! Based on personal experience, I can advise that those members who get more actively involved in CIOCAN do, in fact, derive even more value from that membership. So whether it is career networking, sharing of best practices, industry trend and direction determination, mentoring of future IT leaders, joining one of our committees or just socializing with other members, please do whatever you can to contribute to your continued success.

Finally, I want to say that I have always felt a special connection with the Senior IM/IT Business Leaders that I meet with because we are often trying to solve the same problems and are up against similar obstacles independent of which industry we come from. More than any time in our history we are critical to the business success of our organizations.

My ambitious, but very realistic goal is for all Senior IM/IT Business leaders from across the country to be a member of the CIO Association of Canada. Two of my Senior Directors are members and have seen the value of connecting with some of you through our networking events or our mentorship program. With each of you finding ways to obtain an additional 2-3 members within your organization, your industry, or your network of colleagues this could easily be achieved and this would strengthen CIO Association as the true Voice of the CIO.

I am looking forward to this opportunity and am confident that together we will be able to continue to contribute to the success of our profession and the CIO Association.

I would love to hear from you so please connect with me via email @
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Philippe Johnston

President, National Board, CIO Association of Canada

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