Philippe Johnston

President, National Board,
CIO Association of Canada
CIO, National Research Council Canada

Dear CIOCAN members,

Welcome to summer 2022. Self-care is so important and we hope that you are getting some time to relax and recharge while making the most of the lovely weather in Canada.

CIOCAN has had a busy first half of the year. We’ve hosted some amazing fireside chats with Shannon Leininger, President of Cisco and Kevin Mandia, CEO of Mandiant. In April, our national board met in Montreal to work on a three-year strategic plan to build and create value for our members. Over three weeks in April and May, our annual conference called Peer Forum saw a turnout of 320 people in attendance and 26 presentations! In June, our Calgary and Edmonton chapters came together for a full day event called Meet Me in the Middle in Red Deer, Alberta. Mayor Ken Johnston welcomed our members and the day was filled with learning and networking. We hope that you had the chance to attend some of these events.

We have some exciting events lined up for you this fall. Our Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal chapters will be getting together for a Kingston edition of Meet Me in the Middle. The Ottawa chapter will be hosting Nine & Dine End of Summer – a friendly golf tournament followed by a dinner. The Toronto chapter will be hosting a dinner with a presentation. Please keep an eye out for our upcoming events through our member newsletter or on the member portal.

Don’t forget to check out our new Career Development Centre powered by Randstad with videos, blogs, training certifications and job postings to help guide your career.

Enjoy your summer and we look forward to seeing you at the next CIOCAN event.

Best wishes,

Philippe Johnston

President, National Board, CIO Association of Canada

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