President’s Message


I would like to start with thanks to Gary Davenport for his leadership of our organization over the past 5 years. Gary is one of those CIO legends in the industry. The association’s great positioning in the industry is a result of Gary’s guidance; we are lucky to have been led by such a visionary leader.

I joined the CIO Association almost 5 years ago; it’s been a hugely valuable experience for me. As a CIO, having a large network across industries is very important. Through the Association I have had the chance to meet hundreds of CIO’s from across Canada, and engage in very meaningful conversations about our collective challenges, opportunities and strategies. Having the ability to pick up the phone or send an email to colleagues that share similar challenges and compare notes is absolutely invaluable.

The role of the CIO as a business leader in today’s digital economy is priceless. CIO’s have the ability to transform any business in the world. From startups to innovative enterprise solutions, there is an overflow of technical capabilities in the marketplace. It is important to remember however, that Technology is the enabler: getting down to the right business problem or opportunity is the real challenge.

The current state of technology allows us to move quickly and drive real top and bottom line value within our companies. Our members, some of the best and brightest technology leaders, are creating amazing innovations all across the country. This is a very exciting time to be a CIO and I am looking forward to continuing to establish the CIO Association of Canada as the voice of innovation in the country. I am excited to see the innovations our members will continue to drive into the Canadian marketplace to continue to make Canada a leader in innovation globally.

I encourage our members to participate in the events, and take advantage of the resources that are available to you through your regional chapters and our national programs. I invite other Senior IT Executives to join our network: together we create a stronger voice for the CIO profession in Canada.

Humza Teherany,
President, National Board, CIO Association of Canada
Chief Technology and Digital Officer
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd.