Who Can Join CIOCAN

Please review the membership categories below prior to completing the membership application form.  Contact us if you have any questions.

Full Member
Qualification:  Full membership is open to Chief Information Officers (CIOs) or equivalent Senior Information Technology executive managers, including Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) with functional responsibility for IT leadership in their organization.

Membership Cost: $750 plus applicable tax per year

Academic Member
Qualification:  A person employed by a university or college who teaches or is a faculty member, teaching a minimum of a half time course load at their institution in business or technology stream. This membership is subject to annual re-qualification. This category does not apply to IT professionals working in an IT capacity in the field of education.

Membership Cost: $375 plus applicable taxes per year

Associate Member
Qualification: Either you are:

  1. A direct report of the CIO / Senior Information Technology executive who is already a member
  2. You are a CIO, CISO or Senior Information Technology executive in a company where there is already a regular member of CIOCAN

If you are a direct report of the CIO / Senior Information Technology executive who is NOT a member of CIOCAN, full regular membership fees apply.

Membership applications will be approved by the Director of Membership and President of CIOCAN.

Membership Cost:  $600 plus applicable taxes per year

Special Price:
From April 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020 Associate Members may join at no cost for three months, where the CIO or an Associate Member is already a member of the Association.

Retired Member
Qualification: Retired membership is open to association members who permanently leave employment and are retired. This category is not applicable to those who have left their current role and who are now employed as a consultant or vendor. Retired membership is open to those who wish to maintain contact with CIOCAN and are encouraged to volunteer with their local Chapter or with CIOCAN. Recommendations for inclusion in this category that fall outside the criteria stated above need to be recommended by the Chapter/Division and the National Membership Director and approved by the CIOCAN Board of Directors.

Membership Cost:  $50 plus applicable taxes per year

CIO In Transition (CIT)
Qualification: The CIO in Transition program is open to existing CIO Association members in good standing whose annual membership has expired and who no longer meet the criteria for membership due to loss of employment, leave of absence or similar circumstances such that the member is not employed full-time. The member’s local Chapter Board will review each request for this program to determine whether the situation meets the criteria.

During the term of a CIT membership, members are expected to provide  20 hours of volunteer project work for the Association, either through their local chapter or national office. The term of a CIT is limited to a maximum of one year only, after which time members will be expected to pay a regular membership fee.  Arrangements can be made for CITs to make installment payments on their membership dues. When a CIT becomes employed (either full time or on contract) they will be given a grace period of 3 months, and then will be invoiced for their membership.  Membership dues must be paid within 30 days of invoicing in order to retain member status and privileges.

Membership Exclusions
The following are not eligible for membership in CIOCAN:

  • Recruiters/Executive Search Firms, Hardware/Software Vendors except in the circumstance where the applicant is an Executive or Senior Manager of the organization’s internal Information Technology structure.
  • Any organization that may use the CIO Association of Canada membership as a competitive business advantage and/or does not add value to the association.

CIOCAN Non-Marketing Policy
The CIO Association of Canada events provide professional development as well as networking opportunities. Because the Association is a not-for-profit organization, its primary interest is in serving the needs of its members. Marketing activities and vendor relations are secondary and these are pursued only in conjunction with the CIO Association’s annual CIO Peer Forum.