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In Edmonton you’ll find a diverse group of CIO’s and IT leaders. We have members from public and private organizations, small to large and from various industries. We all share a common goal and theme of learning from each other as we navigate the fast paced and exciting world of technology leadership.

Roland Woo
Edmonton Chapter President

“Being a member of the association has helped boost my confidence when dealing with business stakeholders. It’s been great sharing my challenges and opportunities with other IT leaders and receiving positive feedback about how to move forward.”

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Welcome, Robb Sombach

Robb Sombach is the Associate Executive Professor of the Alberta School of Business, Dept of Accounting and Business Analytics at the University of Alberta. Check out Robb’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Lyn Sonnenberg

Lyn Sonnenberg is the Associate Dean, Educational Innovation & Academic Technologies at the University of Alberta. Check out Lyn’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Kenneth McKnight

Kenneth McKnight is the VP, Information Technology at Peace Hills General Insurance. Business Transformation is Kenneth’s Passion. Helping businesses to more effectively deliver existing services, design brand new services and ...

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Welcome, Robert Martin

Robert Martin is the Vice President Information Technology at Champion Petfoods. Check out Robert’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Tony Payne

Tony Payne is the SVP of Technology & Innovation at BCIMC. Check out Tony’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, John Vinci

John Vinci is the Director of Technology at Explore Edmonton.

Welcome, Hugh Murat

Hugh Mura is the Manager of Business Technology Services at Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan. Check out Hugh’s LinkedIn,  

Welcome, Chris Stogowski

Chris Stogowski is the Manager, ITS at The Alberta Teachers’ Association. Check out Chris’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Kevin Englert

Kevin Englert is the Director of Information Technology at Chandos Construction. A proven IT leader with a strong knowledge and a well-balanced understanding of technology and the important role it ...

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Welcome, Cindy Post

Cindy Post is the CIO at the City of Leduc. Experienced professional with a strong business development acumen and record of success in delivering innovative solutions to meet strategic priorities. ...

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Welcome, Zoltan Tougas

Zoltan Tougas is the IT Director / Privacy Officer at Alberta College of Pharmacy. Experienced information technology leader. Able to communicate effectively with technology, executive, and business audiences. Experience in ...

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Welcome, Tim Yurchak

Tim Yurchak is the Director Of Information Technology at Peace Hills Trust. Check out Tim’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Cory Robbins

Cory Robbins is the Director, Business Technology Architecture & Planning at WCB-Alberta. Check out Cory’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Steven Cooper

Steven Cooper is the Director of Corporate Project Management Office at Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS). Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS) guides the pension experience on behalf of Alberta’s public ...

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Welcome, Deborah (Berkley) Harrop

Deborah (Berkley) Harrop is the Director of Information Management at Workers’ Compensation Board. Check out Deborah’s LinkedIn.
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