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Why CIOCAN for Your IT Leader Job Postings?

  • Exclusive Member Exposure: An invaluable opportunity to discover the ideal candidates and elevate your recruitment initiatives. Your job postings receive 30-days of initial exposure to our 500+ exclusive membership with $3B in spending power, granting access to a select audience of top IT professionals.
  • Expanded Reach: Following the initial 30-day period, your job postings become accessible to the public, broadening your candidate pool.
  • Prestige & Recognition: Aligning with the CIO Association of Canada, a beacon of excellence in the IT industry, instantly elevates your brand’s stature. Our reputation is your advantage.

Complimentary Job Listings for CIOCAN Members

We are pleased to offer our esteemed members the privilege of posting job openings within your organization at no cost. This commitment reflects our dedication to supporting your senior-level recruitment initiatives.

We recognize that senior-level recruitment often necessitates extended visibility and reach. Therefore, we have introduced an enhanced feature:

Versatile Posting Durations

Our website has been enhanced to provide you with the flexibility to select from a range of posting durations, including 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. This adaptability ensures that your recruitment campaigns are appropriately catered to, regardless of their duration.

30-day listing

  • FREE for CIO members. Posting will be available exclusively to CIO members

FREE for CIO members

60-day listing

  • Posting will be available exclusively to CIO members for the first 30 days, then publicly for another 30 days

(20% discount)

90-day listing

  • Posting will be available exclusively to CIO members for the first 30 days, then publicly for another 60 days

(25% discount)

Whether you are a member, employer or executive search company, please complete the form below.

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Employers or executive search companies may advertise CIO jobs, CTO jobs and other related position. You may submit a job posting even if you do not have a user account. Simply start completing the submission form by selecting a posting duration and click ‘Listing Details’.

Please include your name, email and phone number in the description area. It will be removed prior to posting.

Choose a package

  • Purchase Package:

Annual Subscription ($4500): 10 individual postings of any duration (30, 60, or 90 days) throughout the 12-month period after date of purchase. Postings must end before the 365-day end point unless subscription is renewed. Subject to change. For purchase and billing, please contact Barb at finance@ciocan.ca.