It’s Time To Get Your Cloud Game On!

  By: Jarrod Levitan, Chief Cloud Officer, Trinimbus It’s Time To Get Your Cloud Game On!  Amazon Web Services (AWS) has just launched their Region (multiple data centers) in Montreal. If you’re in the IT world, unless you’ve been living under rock, you would know that Amazon is the biggest and leading global provider of … Read more

DX Agents: The Collected Blog Series

Below is the content of a blog series published on the CIOCAN website.  The first entry is the original announcement of the DX Agents undertaking.  The next pieces, written by Dawood Kahn, use examples like Tesla, Blockchain, and Netflix to illustrate the digital transformation journey.  Read this document, and you will begin to appreciate the importance … Read more

New Chapter President for CIOCAL

The Calgary Chapter Board of the CIO Association of Canada has elected John Vince, Director, Enterprise Architecture & Enablement, for Shaw Communications as its new President, effective immediately. Regarding his appointment, Vince says “I am thrilled and honored to lead our Chapter in a time where business and technology are converging and technology leaders are … Read more

How Can Incumbents Respond to Disruption?

Part 2: Embrace an Innovation-focused Culture When it comes to disruption and the introduction of disruptive practices in a particular market, we should keep in mind what renowned Canadian communication and media theorist Marshal McLuhan said in 1964 about the heavy reliance of newspapers on classified ads and stock-market quotes. McLuhan said that “should an … Read more

Why you should nominate an organization for an award today

It is important to celebrate the success of organizations that have embraced digital transformation to fundamentally change the way they do business. Success breeds success and by learning from the organizations are successfully navigating the digital transformation journey that others will be inspired to begin their own voyage of discovery.   Deadline for Nominations: April … Read more