Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

By: Yvon Audette , National Leader, IT Advisory, KPMG in Canada Digital innovations are ubiquitous, are disrupting traditional business models and are fundamentally transforming our societies. With the mass adoption of digital technologies such as smartphones, tablets and wearables, citizens are continually connected to the world around them. Many of these innovations are the result of agile, tech-savvy … Read more

IBM Canada’s Innovation Initiatives CIOCAL April 5, 2017

On April 5, the Calgary chapter event was hosted by IBM Canada in their new District Ventures and IBM Innovation Space, a collaborative initiative with District Ventures.  We had an opportunity to meet and learn directly from Dino Trevisani, President of IBM Canada, both why and how IBM is investing in innovation.  We experienced one … Read more

How Bruce Croxon would startup Lavalife today

This article originally appeared on the  ITWorld Canada website on Thursday, April 13, 2017. Bruce Croxson was a keynote speaker at the CIO Peer Forum 2017, in Edmonton April 26-27.    by Brian Jackson  @brianjjackson  If Bruce Croxon could go back to 1988 and his startup days at Lavalife again, with the power of hindsight, … Read more

DX/Blockchain Certification

The CIO Association of Canada (CIOCAN) identifies needs in the marketplace for ongoing education of its members to better serve the firms they represent.  Part of its mandate is to foster and make professional development opportunities available to its member’s as Canadian businesses move towards wider adoption of digital transformation. RedMobile Consulting, is a Global … Read more

The Security Impacts of Digital Transformation  

By Julie Cullivan, FireEye CIO and EVP Business Operations  The digital transformation means different things to different people—how you define it depends on how you perceive it.   For consumers, digital transformation means increased connectivity. From smart phones to connected homes, people are demanding more and different ways to interact with their surroundings.   For … Read more