Blockchain 101

The Blockchain has the potential to be a big disruptor changing many industries that rely on intermediaries such as real estate, insurance, financial, healthcare and more. Blockchain uses cryptography which involves encryption techniques throughout the transaction process. Join us on June 1st to learn more!

Been taken hostage? – ransomware…

Ransomware – a form of malware that attacks your computer, except more dangerous. Ransomware blocks access to systems by encrypting all the files. Simply being aware and knowing what ransomware is goes a long way to secure the data on your system. Join us on June 1st to learn more.

“Nothing is impossible.” Jay Vijayan at CIO Peer Forum 2017

  By Alex Piasta, Guest Contriubutor At the 2017 CIOCAN conference held in Edmonton, Alberta, Jay Vijayan formerly of Tesla Motors explained his innovative professional experiences. By developing breakthrough technology for one of the most innovative companies of the century, his positive impact has helped transform the entire automotive industry.  His lessons learned during this … Read more

CIO Peer Forum in the news

By 2020 there has to be bottomline business results to the investments made going digital. That was the assessment of Nim Nadarajah, CIO Critical Matrix, at the conclusion of one of the powerful sessions held as part of the  CIO Peer Forum held in in Edmonton April 26-27. Built around the theme Creating Digital Leaders, … Read more