CIOCAN CISO Award Nomination Form

The CISO Award recognizes those with a high degree of commitment to promoting good security practices at a senior level. This person demonstrates top management commitment to information security, a sensitivity to their own stakeholder needs, sound risk management practices, and continuous improvement. 


All CISO members in good standing are eligible for this award. 

Selection Criteria 

TOP MANAGEMENT SUPPORT: The organization has demonstrated top management commitment by appointing a CISO role and implementing an information security program that is aligned with strategy, embedded in policy and business practice, staffed appropriately, communicated within the organization, and meeting its objectives. 

RISK-FOCUSED ORIENTATION: The organization has demonstrated risk based planning and operational processes around information security that is supported by well integrated risk assessments and approved risk treatment plans within organizational tolerance to manage undesired events and safely accept risk where appropriate. 

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT BEHAVIOURS: The organization has demonstrated regular review and evaluation of their information security program to ensure ongoing efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction for stakeholders.

ASSOCIATION INVOLVEMENT: The individual has been actively involved in CIOCAN through its meetings, activities, committees and/or programs; thereby, increasing visibility of the association and contributing to its value for members.

Nominations in consideration of the selection criteria will be reviewed. The CISO Board of Directors will have final approval on the recommendation.  There can only be one recipient. In the event that no nominee meets the criteria, no award will be presented. 

This form is currently closed for submissions.