Welcome, Peter Blower

Peter Blower is the VP IT at Invinity Energy Systems. Check out Peter’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Ernest Solomon

Ernest Solomon is the Chief Information Officer of LAWPRO. Check out Ernest’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Sandeep Sidhu

Sandeep Sidhu is the Chief Information Officer of Emily Carr University. Check out Sandeep’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Khaled Mostafa

Khaled Mostafa is the IT Manager at Invest Ottawa. Check out Khaled’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Lei Huang

Lei Huang is the Vice President, IT at AG Hair Ltd. Check out Lei’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Lyn Sonnenberg

Lyn Sonnenberg is the Associate Dean, Educational Innovation & Academic Technologies at the University of Alberta. Check out Lyn’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Colin Graham

Colin Graham is the Director of Information Technology at New-Life Mills. Check out Colin’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Ian Locke

Ian Locke is the VP Engineering at KAR Auction Services. Check out Ian’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Christopher Parker

Christopher Parker is the VP, Digital & Information Technology at Tree of Life. Check out Christopher’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Steve Larocque

Steve Larocque is the Vice President, Information Technology at Stella-Jones Inc. Check out Steve’s LinkedIn.