Welcome, Ryan McKenna

Ryan McKenna is the CIO at Olympia Financial Group Inc. Check out Ryan’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Sameer Hasham

Sameer Hasham is the Vice President, Information Systems at YMCA Calgary. Check out Sameer ‘s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Aaron Schaffer

Aaron Schaffer is the Head of Technology at Turbine Engine Specialists, Inc. Check out Aaron’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Stephanie LeBlanc

Stephanie LeBlanc is the Sr. Manager Information & Technology Services at Halifax Water. Check out Stephanie’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Shelley Hickey

Shelley Hickey is the Director of Information Services at Lindsay Construction. Check out Shelley’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Thomas Keating

Thomas Keating is the Director Information Technology at Vestcor. Check out Thomas’ LinkedIn.

Welcome, Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson is the Director of I.T. at Western Glove Works. Check out Patrick’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Jennifer Hutton

Jennifer Hutton is the VP Information Technology & Security at Steele Auto Group. Check out Jennifer’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Justin Smith

Justin Smith is the I.T. Manager at Novid Inc. Check out Justin’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Ken Regier

Ken Regier is the Manager of Technical Services at Johnston Group Inc. Check out Ken’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Tom Durnin

Tom Durnin is the Chief Information Officer at Mount Royal University. Check out Tom’s LinkedIn.