What is Cyber Security Certification Worth?


  There have been a lot of interesting reactions to the Equifax data breach. One of the most interesting for me is criticism of the Equifax CISO’s lack of technical or Cyber Security education. She does have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music composition as well as a resume that shows a work history at …

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Developing Cybersecurity Talent


Two colleagues from two different organizations recently shared ‘tales of woe’ from their failed cyber security talent searches. We have all read articles in the last year or two that have been predicting a shortage of skilled cyber security talent.  Are we really beginning to experience that predicted shortage so soon? According to Indeed Spotlight: …

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Once More Into the Breach – Jeff Stark at CIOTOR event Sep 11, 2017


The Toronto Chapter was pleased to work with the US Department of Trade and the US Consulate General in Toronto, on an event that brought together Association members, a delegation of American business leaders, and representatives of other Canadian industries to create a platform to exchange ideas about cutting edge cyber security technologies.   The opening session …

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Gwen Beauchemin


Gwen has been with Payments Canada as their CISO for over a year. Her areas of specialization include: Business Alignment/Relationship Magement, IT Competencies/Culture, Professional, Scientific and Technical services and Strategy and Innovation.