Welcome, Yanida Lyvong

Yanida Lyvong is the Director of IT at Cansel. Check out Yanida’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Anup Bhulabhai

Anup Bhulabhai is the Director of IT at Neptune Bulk Terminals. Check out Anup’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Mary Thomson

Mary Thomson is the Director, Enterprise Applications and Programs at Canfor. Check out Mary’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Arron Martensen

Arron Martensen is the CIO – Director of IT at Metropolitan Hardwood Floors. Check out Arron’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Sidnei Barbosa

Sidnei Barbosa is the IT Operations Manager at Katcom Technologies. Check out Sidnei’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Joe Wong

Joe Wong is the Senior Vice President, Information Systems and Technology at Concert Properties. Check out Joe’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Adam Fletcher

Adam Fletcher is the Director, Technology Infrastructure and Operations at Concert Properties. Check out Adam’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Cory Scheuer

Cory Scheuer is the Director of Technology at Kandor Management Corp. Check out Cory’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Andy Leung

Andy Leung is the Co-Founder & CTO of Aquanow. Check out Andy’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, David Olson

David Olson is Director of Technology Experience at Copperleaf Technologies Inc. Check out David’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Alvin Punzalan

Alvin Punzalan is Director of IT at EarthDaily Analytics. Check out Alvin’s LinkedIn.

Welcome, Farzaan Nusserwanji

Farzaan Nusserwanji is the CIO and Executive Director, Digital Solutions for SD62 Sooke School District . Check out Farzaan’s LinkedIn.