Helen Knight | Founder & CTO of technology focused nonprofits

Helen is the Vice President of the Calgary Chapter of the CIO Association of Canada, and the chair of Peer Forum 2020. Helen drives positive change as the founder of a technology focused nonprofit and leader of a City of Calgary Smart Cities initiative to increase access to technology for the vulnerable. Helen also serves on the University of Calgary’s Arts & Science Advisory Board, is a frequent Guest Lecturer at the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), and is an advocate for increasing gender diversity in IT through her work with explore-it.ca and Making Changes – Women in Technology programs. Helen finished (spectacularly) last in the Banff Triathlon, and recently “starred” on Let’s Make a Deal as a crustacean.

CIO Peer Forum 2020, Day 2: Track speaker

Leadership in Turbulent Times

This panel features Calgary based speakers from government, energy, banking and not-for-profit.  They will share insights on transformative leadership, the changing role of the CIO and the imperative of ensuring psychological safety for your workforce.  Join this session for a discussion on:

  • Shifting the perception of IT across the business
  • The impact of social media on staff working for public facing organizations
  • How to leverage your knowledge and expertise for the greater good
  • Inspiring teams and embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Co-presenters: Kelly Hill | Director, Information Technology | Keyera Corp. and Jan Bradley | Chief Information Technology Officer | City of Calgary

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