Duncan McGregor

CIO, Shinydocs

Duncan is a dynamic and innovative technology executive who leverages his operational expertise and strategic acumen to empower businesses in harnessing technology for added value, revenue growth, cost reduction, and driving positive transformation. With his visionary leadership, Duncan guides organizations through the ever-evolving technology landscape and empowers them to capitalize on emerging trends such as cloud and edge computing, mobility and 5G, AI and the pervasive consumerization of IT.

Embracing Change in Data Strategy for Sustained Growth and Innovation 

In the dynamic landscape of technology, it is essential to question norms. Cloud computing and AI hold transformative potential, prompting us to critically analyze the potential impact of data and its purpose. 

Ask yourself, why did we move to the cloud? Did it go as expected? Are we getting the results we expected? 
Would we do it again the same way if we could start over? 

Imagine having just one dollar to invest – would you prioritize bolstering cybersecurity or unlocking data insights? Can you realistically secure your data without knowing what and where it is? This dilemma epitomizes the modern challenge of harmonizing security with data utilization, a pivotal aspect of challenging conventions. 

The cloud offers a unique solution, granting us fortified security measures alongside unparalleled access to data. This juxtaposition underlines the need to adapt our strategies and to challenge established norms in order to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our teams. Rapidly emerging technology like generative AI offer huge potential. A potential that many feel unprepared to realize. However, the notion of being unprepared for artificial intelligence is a fallacy. AI presents an opportunity for continual learning and advancement, propelling us beyond our perceived limits. In this talk by Duncan McGregor, he will discuss how to embrace disruption and foster a conversation that re-evaluates how we historically think about cloud adoption and data strategies. By leveraging your own data, cloud’s advantages and embracing AI, we navigate uncharted territories, forging a future marked by innovation and limitless potential.