Kevin Kowal

Associate Director of IT Service Management & Strategy, SAIT

Kevin is a distinguished IT leader and academic scholar deeply passionate about leveraging technology to drive organizational growth and innovation. Kevin is also actively engaged in doctoral studies at the University of Bath, where they are delving into the nexus of technology, digital transformation, and strategic planning in executive decision-making processes. With a rich educational background and a proven track record in bridging business needs with technology solutions, Kevin continues to forge meaningful relationships and steer organizations to new heights in digital transformation and evidence-informed strategic planning and execution.

Title – Change My Mind: An interactive member lead dynamic discussion

Join Kevin as he facilitates this engaging “Change My Mind” event, a forum designed for senior IT leaders ready to tackle a pressing and polarizing debate relevant in the IT leadership industry today. Drawing from a rich reservoir of experience, including the building of a PMO and the orchestration and delivery of over 120 projects in the throes of the pandemic, Kevin will facilitate a dynamic back-and-forth that promises not just to challenge preconceived notions but to forge new pathways of understanding and collaboration. Kevin brings a unique, academically informed perspective to the table, setting the stage for a debate grounded in evidence and elevated by experience. Attend “Change My Mind” to engage in a robust discussion that champions data-driven insights and celebrates the rich tapestry of perspectives that senior IT leaders bring to the evolving landscape of IT and leadership.