CIO Peer Forum

Breakout Session: Becoming Agile for a Shifting Economy (Bonavista Room)

Friday May 31, 12:55 pm - 1:30 pm
Sponsored by Equinix

Session Description

Digital has been changing the lives of consumers for decades, and that wave of transformation is now changing the way business is done. Digital transformation is reshaping the basis of competition in nearly every industry vertical, separating those that are prepared for the new digital reality from those that are not and, in the process, shifting the future dynamics of the global economy. Emerging technologies like AI will add fuel to the fire, further accelerating the need for transformation—and stimulating demand for modernized infrastructure to support that transformation.
The Equinix 2023 Global Tech Trends Survey, a survey of 2,900 IT decision makers polled worldwide, found that 46% of global IT leaders said that increased OPEX would deter them from adopting a newer technology, while 37% said the same regarding slow implementation. These and other deterrents leave organizations unprepared to keep up with the accelerated pace of innovation that we’ll see in the years to come. However, the shift to subscription-based digital infrastructure will make many of these concerns a thing of the past.
Join us as we look at the patterns digital leaders follow to do more faster, reduce costs and save time thereby, gaining value and speed to market for their organizations.