CIO Peer Forum

Closing Keynote – The Fusion of Technology & Humanity (Mayfair/Endrooms)

Friday May 31, 1:35 pm - 2:20 pm

Session Description

Patti is a passionate digital leadership advisor for technology executives facing the challenges of today’s digital landscape. Patti’s cut-to-the-chase approach and knowledgeable background are entertaining and inspiring, conveying a passion for balancing tech and human behaviour through digital and organizational transformation.

NAVIGATING UPHEAVAL – It’s A Digital Leadership Imperative!

In today’s dynamic business landscape, upheaval is the new norm. Digital leadership isn’t optional; it’s the compass that guides us through these turbulent times. Patti will dissect the converging forces at play, unveil essential principles for genuine leadership, and delve into the core characteristics of transformative leaders. Walk away with actionable insights to redefine your leadership, steer your team, and seize opportunities in a world of change.

FROM CHAOS TO COHESION – Leading High-Performance Teams

In a world of constant change and upheaval, genuine leadership requires more than just a title—it demands adaptability, flexibility, and resilience. Join Patti as she unravels the secrets of digital leadership that transform chaos into cohesion. This talk is your roadmap to becoming a leader who thrives amidst rapid change and guides your teams toward excellence. You will walk away learning the four keys to team cohesion, essential for leading high-powered teams in today’s digital environment.