AI Implementations, Use Cases & Experiences #CIOPeerForum


By: Kyoko Kobayashi This session started with presentations of real-life experiences implementing AI.  The presenters talked about what they went through identifying, planning, implementing and maintaining their AI, automation and Machine Learning cases.  What was very useful were their lessons learned and tips on best practices.  The presentations were followed by a panel discussion where …

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A Robot For Every Person #CIOPeerForum


By: Atamjeet Kaur Brandon Nott, Vice President of Customer Success at UI Path emphasized on automation first approach, i.e. changing the approach we look at work in today’s era. Digital transformation in any organization should start with automation first. Today’s era is the dawn of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and organizations that see the future in …

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Healthcare. Education. Hunger. Poverty. Artificial Intelligence can solve these global problems.


  Authored by: Zaynah Bhanji, 15-year-old machine learning and VR/AR developer. Working with companies like Google, TD, Microsoft and CIBC. Keynote Speaker, April 11, 2018, CIO Peer Forum 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. Around half of our world’s population does not have access to essential health services, such as surgical care, medicine, and proper facilities. …

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Tech to tackle teen suicide epidemic, TED Talk by 14 year-old, Tanmay Bakshi


Tanmay Bakshi, began coding at the age of five and is among the youngest cognitive and cloud computing developers, building applications engineered to augment human capabilities via Deep Learning. Now 14, his passion for learning and sharing about numerous topics such as Cognitive & AI, Tanmay is transforming the way technology is used to overcome …

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