AI Implementations, Use Cases & Experiences #CIOPeerForum


By: Kyoko Kobayashi This session started with presentations of real-life experiences implementing AI.  The presenters talked about what they went through identifying, planning, implementing and maintaining their AI, automation and Machine Learning cases.  What was very useful were their lessons learned and tips on best practices.  The presentations were followed by a panel discussion where …

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A Robot For Every Person #CIOPeerForum


By: Atamjeet Kaur Brandon Nott, Vice President of Customer Success at UI Path emphasized on automation first approach, i.e. changing the approach we look at work in today’s era. Digital transformation in any organization should start with automation first. Today’s era is the dawn of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and organizations that see the future in …

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Poppy Crum: Optimizing Human Performance Through Technology #CIOPeerForum


By: Atamjeet Kaur Dr. Poppy Crum, Chief Scientist at Dolby Laboratories, left the audience awestruck in the opening keynote session on day 2 of CIOCAN conference held in Toronto, Ontario. She mentioned how at the core; our human experiences are vastly different based on information available to us as per the environment we live in. …

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The Modern Workspace: Putting Employees at the Centre of Company Culture #CIOPeerForum


By: Kristel Lee-Hon-Siong The Modern Workspace: Putting Employees at the Centre of Company Culture In an ecosystem where competition is relentless, how do you attract and retain talent? Companies need to enable, empower, and engage their greatest assets in order to remain competitive. How do modern workspaces help in achieving this? By creating a modern …

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The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security Collaborating for Success #CIOPeerForum


By: Kristel Lee-Hon-Siong The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security Collaborating for Success The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security is an organization that is achieving successful cyber risk mitigation through collaboration and partnerships. Francis Catonguay, Director General of Partnerships and Risk Mitigation at the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, debunked some myths about this organization at …

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Internet of Things – Winter Is Coming? #CIOPeerForum


By: Vladimir Vracaric The number of connected devices is expected to grow exponentially from 11 to 80 billion in the next decade. It seems that every device is being upgraded into an IoT device, from smart light bulbs that conserve electricity when no one is around, to biological sensors that detect changes in the human …

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The blockchain future Don Tapscott wants for his grandchildren #CIOPeerForum


By: Brian Jackson, Editorial Director, IT World Canada.   In the 12 hours before taking the stage to deliver his keynote speech at the CIO Peer Forum in Toronto, author and Blockchain Research Institute co-founder Don Tapscott learned of two new grand-children brought into the world. And they weren’t twins. Tapscott’s son Alex (the other co-founder …

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New KPIs Instigated by and to Drive Behavior Change for Digital Operations


Authored by: Bill Keyworth, Vice President of Research, IDC Track Speaker, April 10, 2018, CIO Peer Forum Digital technologies and the new business models they fuel have significantly impacted most enterprises. Executives are called upon to leverage digital transformation (DX) to change and disrupt their business, customers, markets, and competitors. This shift is driving tremendous changes …

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What happens when technology knows more about us than we do?


The theme of TED2018 was “The Age of Amazement”. It took place in Vancouver over 2 days in April and brought together 132 speakers from 57 countries. Poppy Crum was one of them. The CIO Peer Forum is thrilled that she will be joining us in April in Toronto as a keynote speaker. The TED …

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