What was it like to be the CIO of Tesla? A conversation with Jay Vijayan


By: Brian Clendenin, Contributing Writer for IT World Canada Tesla Inc. … One of the fastest growing and most disruptive companies in the world today. I wonder what it must be like to have experienced being an IT leader in that rapid pace environment.  Well, it turns out that Jay Vijayan, CIO of Tesla prior to founding …

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DX: Disruptive Change – Caught with your Pants Down Again?


Let’s be honest, we've all been caught off-guard in our lives when disruptive change happens. Each time, like many of us, after the fact you likely kick yourself for not being better prepared – "I should have done this or that to avoid the negative impact or benefit from the reward."  I've been there myself and I …

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How Can Incumbents Respond to Disruption?


Part 2: Embrace an Innovation-focused Culture When it comes to disruption and the introduction of disruptive practices in a particular market, we should keep in mind what renowned Canadian communication and media theorist Marshal McLuhan said in 1964 about the heavy reliance of newspapers on classified ads and stock-market quotes. McLuhan said that “should an …

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How can Incumbents Respond to Disruption?


Part 1: Start by Accepting that Disruption will Happen! It is well-known that incumbents in any industry seldom feel the impact of an early-stage disruption on their core business for many years or even decades. This is even truer for those industries that are heavily regulated, as regulation creates a barrier to new entrants. Hence, …

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