Welcome, Kriteen Lahiry

Kriteen Lahiry is the Director of Product Development and IT at The Canadian Real Estate Association. Kriteen has been with the Canadian Real Estate Association since 2001, working his way up to his present position as Director of IT Client Solutions.   Recognized for having teams that are motivated, consistent and very committed, Kriteen specializes in …

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Welcome, Andrew Morgan


Andrew Morgan is the Programmer / IT Innovation Specialist at Transport Canada. Currently a key team member within Transport Canada on a project aimed at revolutionizing the current travel continuum. By leveraging certain emerging technologies and best practices such as Blockchain, Biometrics, and Cryptography we along with our international partners will successfully create the first …

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Welcome, Chris Allison


Chris Allison is the Director General at Canada School of Public Service. As a driven, passionate and creative leader and change agent, Chris’s career, skills and experiences span across public service, private interests and personal goals. His goal is to reimagine and revitalize the public service – transforming it into an organization that can meet …

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Welcome, Charles Eagan


Charles Eagan is the CTO of BlackBerry. Charles Eagan is dynamic leader with a proven track record leading global teams across mobile platforms and applications, IoT connected devices, IoT cloud, networking technologies, operating systems, development tools, and robotics. With a strong focus on innovation, Charles’ career includes many industry firsts throughout his career. Throughout it …

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Welcome, Kentia Dazulma


Kentia Dazulma is the Director Data Analytics and Information Management at Transport Canada. Autonomous professionally which allows to accomplish division’s objectives in a proactive manner. Has a strong sense of organization and planning; Communicates efficiently verbally and in writing, in both French and English Ability to work in a team which allows to build and …

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Welcome, Yves Boucher


Yves Boucher is the Executive Director of IT Service Management at Transport Canada. His career focuses around  IT Infrastructure and Service Management.

Welcome, Luc Desjardins


Luc Desjardins is the CTO of AgileIS. With over 15 years of experience as a leader and change agent for innovative technology and analytic / big data organizations. He is experienced in multiple industries, including medical and big pharma, while recent experience has focused on national & cyber security with specialties in data analytics and …

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Welcome, Geoffrey Ren


Geoffrey Ren is the Senior IT Manager/Regional IT Lead at Zoetis Canada Ltd. A distinguished Information Technology leader with 18+ years of extensive experience in various industries. Expertise in managing projects within Information systems, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing environments.

Welcome, Etienne Lalonde


Etienne Lalonde is the Senior Director of Information Services at HEXO. He believes in managing by fact, creating value for an organization and its people, being passionate about new approaches, working with maximum creativity.

Welcome, Marc Beauvais


Marc Beauvais is the Director of IT at Cowan Insurance Group. His career focuses on providing leadership and management to a team of technical experts responsible for all functions of the Information Technology Department.

Welcome, Paul Assaad


Paul Assaad is the President at CBRSafe. His career focuses around IT Competencies/Culture, Scientific and Technical services, Service Management, Strategy and Innovation.

Welcome, Alain Saumure


Alain Saumure is the Director, IM/IT Security and IPM at Public Safety Canada – Sécurité publique Canada. His career focuses around Business Alignment/Relationship Mgmt, IT Infrastructure, Professional,Scientific and Technical services, Strategy and Innovation.