The Krack-en unleashed!

What is the WPA2 KRACK? By Rishley Coutinho On October 16, 2017,  the world became aware of the exploit using key reinstallation attacks or better known as KRACK, on the WPA2 protocol. Before delving into the details of how the attack itself is performed, we must first understand the process which it targets, this being … Read more

Balancing Security vs Agility

As part of the Thought Leadership Partnership between Telus and CIOCAN, the first meeting of the Telus Advisory Board was held recently.  Designed to create a community of CIOs who discuss common issues such as trends and challenges faced by CIOs in navigating their firm’s digital transformation and technology choices, the Board’s first meeting succeeded … Read more

CIO Association of Canada Joins the Canadian Cybersecurity Alliance

August 25, 2016 CIOCAN is pleased to announce that it will be participating in the Canadian Cybersecurity Alliance (CCA) / Alliance canadienne sur la cybersécurité (ACC).  The CCA-ACC (originally initiated as the Inter-Association Working Group on Cyber Security – IAWGCS) is a voluntary, non-hierarchical, not-for-profit, agile network, founded by Grant Lecky in 2013. The primary purpose of … Read more